Lim Kit Siang “protects” Ong Tee Keat

On July 28, 2009, in No Brainers and Jokes, Politics, by jonathanfun

TweetLatest News ! Lim Kit Siang, the leader of the DAP (opposition party in Malaysia) had lodged a police report to “protect” MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat after Ong had said that he had received death threats and that there were “dark forces” suborning the Government and Cabinet decision-making process. YB Lim Kit [...]

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Back to Nature Adventure by Road BlogG

On July 26, 2009, in Announcements, Travel Documentaries, by jonathanfun

TweetHere’s a post by my cousin Joseph about a trip we recently made to Gunung Lambak in Kluang when he came to visit me in the Jungle Click HERE to read more.

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Teoh Beng Hock Saga – MACC Downfall Parody

On July 21, 2009, in No Brainers and Jokes, Politics, by jonathanfun

TweetHere’s a parody with regards to the suspected ploy and conspiracy aimed at bringing down the Malaysian opposition parties, depicted nicely in video. Funny as it may seem, the “director” of this video did quite an impressive job picking the right excerpt of a movie related to Adolf Hitler to tell his version of the [...]

Why is Tennis Scored 15, 30, 40?

On July 19, 2009, in Love and Relationships, Sharings, Sports and Leisure, by jonathanfun

TweetMy colleague Timothy asked this question over breakfast the other day and I found it interesting. Because I’ve learned and been playing tennis for years now and I didn’t not know the answer. But now I do ( So Timo, here’s your answer) So apparently, there are a few theories that explains this method of scoring [...]

Virginity Tests and How It’s Done

On July 15, 2009, in Current Issues, Love and Relationships, Stuff that Amazes Me, by jonathanfun

This morning while having my morning coffee, I came across this piece of news from regarding “Virginity Tests” being conducted on brides-to-be during mass weddings in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, which prompt me to come up with this entry.

According to this article from CNN, “…some 150 brides-to-be, mostly tribal women, were subject to “virginity tests” before their mass wedding on June 30 as part of a state government scheme.” If found otherwise, they will be rejected from the mass wedding and left to fend for themselves…

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Introducing the all new, all you

On July 15, 2009, in Announcements, by jonathanfun

TweetAfter months in freezer, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve revived all old posts from my previous server and humbly present you the all new, all you! You’ll realize that you’re now looking at a new and simpler layout which I’ve switched to for ease of navigation as well as to give a cleaner [...]

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