This morning while having my morning coffee, I came across this piece of news from regarding “Virginity Tests” being conducted on brides-to-be during mass weddings in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, which prompt me to come up with this entry.

The news on

The news on

According to this article from CNN, “…some 150 brides-to-be, mostly tribal women, were subject to “virginity tests” before their mass wedding on June 30 as part of a state government scheme.” If found otherwise, they will be rejected from the mass wedding and left to fend for themselves.

It jinxes me to realize that “tests” like these still exist in our modern and fast moving 21st century.

Virginity Tests? Wtf.

IMHO, if tests like these are still relevant today in say, Malaysia for instance, and if you’re no longer virgin, you’re not allowed to get married, then 80% of the population below 30 years old will be single for the rest of their lives, based on a result of a survey found here.

In today’s open minded society, I think this “test” is just plain bull crap.

However, out of curiosity, I decided to dwell deeper into what this “Virginity Test” is all about. Well, seems like Wikipedia has a clear answer to the definition of a Virginity Test :

“A virginity test is the practice and process of inspecting the genitalia of girls and women to determine if they are sexually chaste. It is based on the false[1]assumption that a woman’s hymen can only be torn as a result of sexual intercourse.”

Like This?

Virginity Tests? : Let's see... hmm... erm... ooo... oh... okay... Yes! You're a Virgin!

Let's see... hmm... erm... ooo... oh... Congratulations! You're still Virgin!

The main problem with this virginity testing is that it is not exactly an accurate way of determining virginity. A woman or girl is normally determined a virgin if her hymen is intact. However, a woman’s hymen can be broken or eroded by masturbation and also a number of nonsexual activities, including exercising and working. Plus, the natural appearance of the hymen will vary from one person to the next; some women are even born without one. Therefore, the absence of a hymen is not a determining indicator that a woman is not a virgin.

Girls, this is how you check for your hymen!

Warning : Explicit image below. Exit this blog immediately if you can’t take explicit stuff.

If you've Got It, You're Virgin! :-P

If you've Got It, You're Virgin! :-P


Another startling discovery is this : Virginity Tests ALSO applies to MEN & BOYS. Yes. In fact, it is a very common practice among some South African townships like Durban. Check this out :

“…Young boys also have hymen, white lacy skin on the foreskin … if the foreskin on the penis slips away easily, it means that the hymen is gone. If the foreskin is sore and hard to move, then it means he is still a virgin.

Other methods include checking for a certain vein on the penis – if it still can be seen, it means he is either still a virgin or that he has never slept with a virgin. The only time that the vein disappears is when a boy sleeps with a virgin because her vaginal opening is still tight.

If a boy urinates straight up into the air, he is a virgin. If the urine sprays, he has had sex before. Expert male virginity testers could determine virginity by looking at the colour of the knees. If a man’s knees are dark, he was not a virgin.

Read Here to find out more about the quote above.

Guys, there is only one way to find out.

Guys, do this to confirm whether you're still having your "Hymen" or not. Haha.

Guys, do this to confirm whether you're still having your "Hymen" or not. Haha.

And Girls, feel free to check on your partner :-) Like This.

This is how you can check for a man's virginity in Public. Beware of the Authorities alright.

This is how you can check for a man's virginity in Public. Beware of the Authorities alright.

How to interpret Results of Tests?

If the your man’s penis is like this :

Virgin Man.

Virgin Man.

Then you should be freaking happy, because he’s virgin :-) The tradeoff? Experience in bed. Haha. Don’t put your expectations too high on this type of man ya.

If his penis looks like this :

Non-Virgin Man.

Non-Virgin Man.

Then you should be still happy :-) because he’s definitely got experience and all you have to do is to brace yourself for an excitement of a lifetime!

However, if his thing looks like this :

Expired Man.

Expired Man.

Then you have 2 choices.

1. If he’s rich, then take his money, and do whatever you like, for instance shopping, traveling , or getting another man :-P

2. If he’s poor, then you have another 2 choices.

a. Love him and be prepared to eat curry rice with anchovies for the rest of your life and be miserable.

b. Love him as a friend. :-)

So, after all said, are you guys/girls still “Virgins”?

Check yours out NOW and give me a feedback!


Happy Hymen-ing!

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