Disclaimer : Sarcasm used in this post is purely intentional and for entertainment purposes only.

Dear Santa Claus,

I understand that you’ve been pretty busy with everyone else in this world, but still I’d like to pass you this list.

I have been a good boy, just in case you didn’t noticed. As a matter of fact, since the end of that miserable 2009, my goodness quotient is up quadruple digits, higher than the growth of the Malaysian economy this year.

So with your supernatural powers, kindly cough these 10 things up for me, please.

1. Range Rover Sport

2. Apple MacBookPro 15″

3. Nikon D3x SLR Camera

4. Ongoing amusement from politicians or leaders with a weird sense of humor.

5. Durians in the stockings of those responsible for the deaths caused by bus crashes, cracked bridges and leaking governmental buildings. Buggers who squandered our country’s wealth, and everybody else who pissed me off this year. Actually on second thought, forget the Durians. Have you got any Reindeer heads instead? We can do an experiment and see who will politicize the heads later.

6. Heavy Snow and Ice to shower in the North Pole instead wasting themselves in the UK, France and Germany, to help refreeze some of the ice caps there. Helps greatly in slowing down Global Warming really.

7. A new boyfriend for my ex-girlfriend *Evil Grin*

8. Peace on earth, forever and ever.

9. Fair and just treatment/policies of the government towards all citizens irregardless of race and gender. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry. I crack myself up sometimes.

10. Everybody off Daphney Iking’s private life for a while. Well, you know. She needs some time off before she dates again. And please leave the Gays alone too.

Merry non-denominational, non-racial, non-political Christmas, everybody.

Oh by the way, Santa, if you’re driving this year, watch this. Hope it wakes you up a little.

Thank you in advance, Santa.

P/S : I Love You.

Yours sincerely,


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