It all happened so sudden, in Godspeed, no prior warning whatsoever.

Let me give you an idea.

Here’s the rainfall data I compiled for the past 4 weeks, for the area of Kg. Gajah, Kluang, Johor, from the 3.1.2011 till the 30.1.2011.

Date Rainfall (mm) Date Rainfall (mm) Date Rainfall (mm) Date Rainfall (mm)
3.1.2011 0.00 10.1.2011 3.00 17.1.2011 1.00 24.1.2011 0.00
4.1.2011 0.00 11.1.2011 1.00 18.1.2011 0.00 25.1.2011 60.00
5.1.2011 9.00 12.1.2011 0.00 19.1.2011 0.00 26.1.2011 160.00
6.1.2011 3.00 13.1.2011 0.00 20.1.2011 0.00 27.1.2011 0.00
7.1.2011 0.00 14.1.2011 0.00 21.1.2011 0.00 28.1.2011 18.00
8.1.2011 0.00 15.1.2011 0.00 22.1.2011 0.00 29.1.2011 16.00
9.1.2011 3.00 16.1.2011 1.00 23.1.2011 0.00 30.1.2011 175.00

2 days of mild rain and drizzles on the 28th, 29th, plus 1 day of 175mm rain on the 30th of January, was enough to turn the Kg. Gajah Market and Foodcourt, into this.

Flooded after continuous heavy rainfall for a few hours.

Flooded after hours of rainfall.

Situations in Kluang town itself could be far worse. Last night on the way to Kluang town, I drove past the Kg. Melayu area which is located along the river banks of Mengkibol river. The water was almost 2ft deep.

As I got up to a higher ground, my engine was making funny noises as water entered the compartment and from the flashing of my indicators on my speedometer, I guess it almost fried my car’s electronics. I parked my car on the side of the bridge, opened up my bonnet, and took this video.

Last night, I was glad to see the Fire Department’s speedy response to the floods, and authorities’ trucks can be seen everywhere around affected areas to evacuate the victims.

Fire Department of Kluang was quick to evacuate the flood victims.

So far, 2 people have died from this natural disaster and 29,000 people evacuated from their homes. Read more Here.

It's raining nonstop.

The rain hasn’t stopped, and it is raining incessantly heavier than before. I hope I can still get back to Melaka in time for Chinese New Year tomorrow, and I urge all Kluangans reading this to be safe.

On a more positive note, more water falling from the sky should mean more money coming into my bank accounts right?

Gong Hei Water Choy Everybody.

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