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A few good brothers of mine have recently shared their grievances with their jobs and asked me to give some advice. So this is what I think in 10 points:

1. Companies will never pay you to learn. They pay you to perform. So perform. Don’t learn.

2. To perform, technically you don’t need to have basics. Steve Jobs doesn’t even have a degree in anything to do with technology. If you’re given a chance, just go into your company and start doing. Paper recognition is important, but not in every industry or company.

3. To get your basics, go into that company, and start making mistakes. You will be bombarded, you will be persecuted. But there’s where you will have your basics learnt.

4. And to make more mistakes, you must be willing to do more than the rest. No special formula there. Just plain statistics.

5. Don’t be afraid to screw up. The worst that could happen is that you get sacked. You’re still alive, and that means you will forever have a 2nd chance.

6. Don’t worry about reputation. Learn from Steve Jobs. He was publicly sacked from the company he founded. Now everyone worships him.

7. No one is ever good at doing anything. They just do more and make less mistakes compared to the rest. And we say they are good.

8. And no one is ever wiser that anyone. They just talk less and conceal their stupidity better than the rest. And we say they are wise.

9. Never be loyal to your company. Be dead loyal to your job. No one is indispensable. That includes your boss.

10. And finally, remember that all bosses are assholes, including yourself. Accept that fact. You instantly become an asshole the moment you start to have subordinates.


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